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Top of the Hill Club

Photo by Mark Turner, Turner Photographics www.turnerphotographics.com

Mural printing and installation by Special-T Signs www.specialt.com

Join the Top of the Hill Club


As your hometown restaurant destination, Hilltop Restaurant & Catering takes great pride in presenting delicious food.

We put you on top everyday and especially on your birthday.

We're all about great food

Offering freshly prepared creations day and night

Have a birthday dinner party with your family and friends.

"I love going to Hilltop for the great food and comfortable, friendly atmosphere."

- Julie Yamamoto

Visit today to learn more about membership into the Top of The Hill Club!



Great cooking for Over 55 Years

Ask your server today about how to join the Top of The Hill Club, and be prepared to receive a dining certificate on your birthday.

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Now you can sit next to Mt. Baker and enjoy dining at the Hilltop Restaurant. View the spectacular wall mural everyday - when the "other Mt. Baker" is hiding in the clouds. The famous 10,778 foot peak is a focal point from all over Whatcom County and it means a lot to the "Hilltop" family.

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